Monday, June 8, 2009


On the 27th december 2008,i woke up early to get ready for my National Service.A place where i dig in to know myself deeper,understand myself better.That morning.I'm very glad to have my friends there to say goodbye to me.Not forgetting my parents and sis.AND EVEN my grandmother.Seeing my grandma from the bus make me feel as though i was her only one.indeed yea! i'm her only grandson.I rushed down from the bus to say goodbye to her and also listened to her words she said in Hokkien.And my friends,as i turned i saw the one bunch VERY familiar faces.i was touched.

I was lucky to have 2 friends to be in the same camp as me.DEXTER AND PALMER.i will say both of them were there for me when i needed them.Dexter is always there for his words and thoughts.while Palmer ( my dorm-mate ) was like my brother even i don have one.he's always there to listen to me.We do everything together.we cheered for each other the entire moment.

Waking up at 5.30 every morning was a must.Morning exercises.Classes.Talks.Videos.Sports.Community services.Performances were things we do in camp.And i did things that i will probably do once in my life-time.As time passes by, i knew many friends and we became closer and closer.We're like brothers and sisters.And the whole camp is like one big family.

All the jurulatih there just simply taught me alot.EVERYTHING AND JUST ANYTHING.Teamwork was always essential.One advice from my jurulatih that has stuck in my brain is : JADILAH INSAN YANG BERGUNA.and of course many more......
Its a sweet memory that i'll always remember.I never regret being chosen as a trainee.Its something i'm proud of.



Saturday, June 6, 2009

Great Time

i would say that this is one of many enjoyable time i spent with them.hang out,pool,karaoke,clubbing blah blah blah.....

had a great time.........

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i'm 18!

On the 27th may (last wednesday) was terry and my birthday.its kind of exciting though.i'm 18 this NEVER celebrate my birthday in school before. ( i mean, my birthday never fall on a schooling day before ).so this year is my very 1st year celebrating birthday in my school.i would say its really nice.having friends wishing u as u meet them,got the whole class singing birthday song for me and stuffs and not forgetting every msgs i received on my cellphone.i appreaciate it ALOT! its nice its fun and i enjoyed being 18!

and i would like to thank my bunch FRIENDS for the outing.its hell of a fun being with u all.just enjoy spending valuable time with each other.having u all is one good gift i would say.

i'm addicted to : NESTUM! gosh.

calvin says : friends is everything.