Saturday, November 29, 2008

just a blog

hey! i'm back after some time! damn it! my SPM is not over yet! one more paper on monday! account! ( my additional sub )

nevermind! forget about it!

the meat and flesh of today's blog :
i have this feeling! something got to do with my i view my pictures in the com with my kinda long hair i was like.............
i wan my hair back! but i cant have it.i'm selected for have to be bald again.

nvm nvm! being bald is still nice.hahahah! ( thick skin ) and i'll do something with my bald hair to something attractive.*fingercrossed*

see ya!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Its started with me chatting with *someone*.its was so damn cute! i just cant stop laughing! it goes like this :
she : u know something or not?
me : wat?
she : i don kill mosquitoes wan noe.
me : *sounds familiar* i think u told me before ady
she : lucky u never forget wat i said to u
me : i wont.but why u don kill them?
she : because.mosquitoes also looking for food ma.if we kill them not fair le!
me : LAUGH LIKE MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she : why u laugh?
me : ITS FUNNY! then wat u do with them?
she : oh,i used to catch them then they will feel the WARMNESS i gave to them then i'll let them go.and they never sting me!
she : but only those mosquitoes in my house wan wont sting me la cause they know i don kill them
me : LAUGH TILL I TOUCH THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that's it.

jokes from,
*someone* and me!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hot Hitz on the go!

taking my time out studying so these are those few high rated songs by ME! I USED TO LISTEN TO THEM when i'ma studying.check them in and out, left and right!

  1. lollipop--lil wayne
  2. check yes juliet--we the kings
  3. that's what you get--paramore

and a special phrase by me? LIFE IS ALL ABOUT MUSICS!

have fun to the max!

i gonna get into my nest again! see ya!

Friday, November 7, 2008

okay! i will talk about my new appearance!

hey! i gonna post this up as promised! was all actually a dare! we, a group of NUTS went WILD! TOTALLY WILD.then ideas came in to do this and i forgotten who suggested that we go many chickened-out! only 2 out us! i could say that it is a brave move! or BRAVEST MOVE IN MY LIFE!CHUA GUI GENG AND CALVIN CHAN ( ME! ).guess wat! we were EVEN born on the same day and DATE! 27/05/1991! HOW COOL? i wonder whether we were laying next to each other in the hospital but unfortunately no! DIFF HOSPITAL! so nvm.we both planned on the same day to go bald.and it was a friday! and i remember kept looking into the mirror to have a glance and touch on my hair for the last time!!!!!!!!!
i brought my younger sis along to the saloon where i'm always there to have a hair-cut as she wanna cut her hair too.and gui geng was in another shop near his place.and before he get into the shop he gave me a call. it goes
gui geng : where are u? ready not?
calvin : i'm at the shop ady! u? yay! R.E.A.D.Y!
gg : i'm at the shop too! okok! cut ady call me!
calvin : haha! okay!
as i walked in the saloon,my regular hair-stylist asked me,
that guy : so how? today wanna cut wat style?

calvin : hehe! B.O.T.A.K! ( MUMBLED! )

AND DAMN IT! HE GIGGLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that guy : okok.number wat? ( number 1 shortest )
calvin : which number is okay for me?
that guy : hmm..2 okay la.
calvin : okay then! ( shivering! damn it! )
and he turned on the freakin machine! the sound goes like eee.e.....z.z.z.z.z...e.e.e.e..e..z.z.z.z.z.

can u ever imagine that?!

i kept looking into the mirror! realy nervous! then he asked me,
that guy : READY?
calvin : okok.
and there he goes!!!!!!!!! i had the fastest hair cut ever! i then looked slowly into the mirror! 1 WORD-----------------------------------B.A.L.D!
and that guy kpt smiling at me! i asked him why! he saID : VERY CUTE HOR! hahahaha! i got no idea whether he was teasing or telling the truth or watso ever! haha! couldnt be bothered!
by the way.i like it! NYAHAHA! then i called up gg and asked him how is he doin.we kept laughing!!!!! at a while i couldnt believe that i'm bald! then went home and mum got the shock of her life! BOY! U CRAZY AR? hahaha! i can still remember her SHOCKED-FACE!
here's some facts of being B.A.L.D =

-U NEED GUTS! ( if u dont then u'll surely called for a STOP! )
-u can actually feel wind in ur head!

-u use just 2 drops of shampoo! ( can maybe help to save $$ !!! )
-u got to deal with ppl who will give u lots and all sorts of comments and stuffs like-BOTAK!..OOI,JUST COME OUT FROM PRISON AR?..CUTE HOR!..BLAH BLAH BLAH!

-u got to deal with ppl who will come to u and touch ur hair! damn it! i cannot stand it! haha!

-u got to deal with ppl looking at u in a diff manner! night i went to a cousin's birthday party! my grandma was like : AH BOY AH! U LOOK GOOD LIKE THAT! ( in hokkien ) i was so happy! hahahaha!~

anyway! being bald gave me some sorts of like mixed feelings! ahaha here's some pics of it! but before it i will post up some of my bukit tinggi and genting pics as i promised!

before >>>>


time spent for this blog -45 mins +++

the clock is ticking again! spm will start next tuesday! i gotta go study! that's all!



hey! just here to wish every SPM candidates all the best! good luck! may the good forces bring us through this with peace and success!
thank u!